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Shooter where you only have one bullet, and also it's a baseball.

A unique health mechanic revolving around baseball rules :

  • Miss a swing, get a strike, 3 strikes and you get an out
  • Use the bat to hit the opponents, get a ball, 5 balls you're out
  • 3 outs, and the game's over

The game focuses on dealing damage with the ball over the bat as most enemies can punish you for attacking melee as anything but a last hit.

Kill all the enemies in a room to advance! Get to home base!

LMB - Pitch / Swing

RMB - Catch / Punt (Stop the Ball so you can take it back and rethrow it, refreshes strikes and balls)

WASD - Movement

Post-Post, Post : 

  • The ball cannot exit a room, so you need to grab it using RMB first.
  • In the first stage, you can immediately go left (make sure to grab the ball first)
  • Sorry about the projectiles coming from outside the room, consider it extra challenge (you can avoid it by staying close to the half where the door is located)

This game was released to be submitted to the 3rd GMTK game jam, featuring the theme of Only One.


Oneshot.zip 5 MB

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