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Atop the skies of the simple world lied a kingdom, abandoned. Without a ruler,  it's citizens turned into dark creatures incapable of making a sound. The long lost princess of the kingdom has come back to reclaim her throne.

This game was created as a submission for Ludum Dare 44, and has two different versions; one that fits in the theme of using Life as a resource (use health to save checkpoints and gain time) , the other version being a fairer and more balanced version.

 I suggest the LD Jam version if you're judging for LD44, but use the Rebalance if you get stuck or frustrated. Otherwise, I would suggest the Rebalance as a whole.

All the incredible music and sound effects was done by A Third Party

Sprites and Programming done by BumiBomber

You can find out the game's Ludum Dare page here : https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/44/the-silent-kingdom-1

Additionally, I've provided a tutorial for those having difficulties with certain parts : 


Silent King (LD Entry Version) .zip 13 MB
Silent King (Rebalance).zip 13 MB

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